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RascalRASCAL is an electronic gateway to research resources in Ireland. You can use this web-site to search and browse information about the wide range of research and special collections held in libraries, museums and archives across the region. The Directory consists of comprehensive descriptions of collections available to researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences recording details of content, location, format, and access. Links to institutions' on-line catalogues and other digital resources are provided where appropriate.

Featured Collection

Railway History Collection, Enniskillen

The Railway History Collection consists of books, journals and maps on the history and development of railways in Ireland, dating from the mid 1800s to more recent times. Included in the collection is a copy of the Act enabling the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Company to make a branch railway to Fintona and extend their line at Londonderry, a copy of the Act amalgamating the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Company with the Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland), along with handbooks of law and practice, manuals for various types of engine and engine driving.

Irish Jesuit Archives

Irish Jesuit Archives now available online

C.S. Lewis letters donated to Queen's University Belfast

C.S. Lewis letters donated to QUB

ITMA celebrates 25 years with 750,000+ Content items now online

For its twenty-fifth anniversary year 2012–2013, the Archive has planned a rolling programme of publications, projects and events. The first of these sees 750,000+ Content items now available to search online.