The Inishowen Song Project

Local Donegal organisation, the Inishowen Traditional Singers’ Circle  (ITSC) and the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) in Dublin have collaborated to host song material collected in Inishowen on the  Archive’s website .  Funded locally by Inishowen Development Partnership, the project also provides a template for providing maximum public access on the Internet to local and regional traditional music materials collected anywhere in Ireland or in the Irish diaspora.

Web visitors can hear digitally remastered  recordings of songs  while seeing the words and photographs of the singers. They can also read a  facsimile of the book  My Parents Reared Me Tenderly  on the site, courtesy of the collectors, and view  photographs  and  videos  of the singers, courtesy of Jimmy McBride, Ken Garland and other photographers. As ITMA has attended the Festival since 2007 to record contemporary singers, a selection of its recent videos are also available on the site.