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Amanda McKittrick Ross (1860-1939) was born in Drumaness, Co Down. She published her first novel "Irene Iddesleigh" at her own expense in 1898. She proved to be a prolific novelist and poet. Despite not being read very widely her eccentric writing style was famed amongst critics and admirers as creating some of the worst prose and poetry ever written. Her novel Irene Iddesleigh was published by Nonesuch Press in 1926. She was heavily influenced by the novelist Marie Corelli. Her admirers included Mark Twain, Aldous Huxley and Lord Beveridge. She died in 1939. Belfast Public Libraries holds a large collection of manuscripts, typescripts and first editions of her work. Manuscript copies include Irene Iddesleigh, Sir Benjamin Bunn and Six months in Hell. Typescript versions of all the above are held together with Rector Rose, St. Scandal Bags and The Murdered Heiress among others. The collection of first editions covers all her major works including volumes of her poetry Fumes of Formation and Poems of Puncture, together with lesser known pieces such as Kaiser Bill and Donald Dudley: The Bastard Critic. The collection contains hundreds of letters addressed to Ros, with, in many cases, her own comments in the margins. Also included are typed copies of her letters to newspapers, correspondence with her admiring publisher T.S. Mercer, an album of newspaper cuttings and photographs, and a script for a BBC broadcast from July 1943.


It is a very comprehensive collection of Ros's work, which is well augmented by many letters annotated by Ros. It is possible to examine her works through various stages.

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The collection comprises manuscripts, typescripts, published works as well as photographs and a large collection of letters.



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Mercer, T.S.


Editor and Publisher


T.S. Mercer was an editor, publisher, bookseller and bibliophile. He was a friend to and admirer of the work of Amanda McKittrick Ros. They maintained a regular correspondence from 1927 until her death in 1939. Mercer saved the material in the collection from destruction after her death. He was responsible for collating, transcribing and editing it.



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