Featured Collections

  • Hussey Map

    A 17th Century manuscript estate map for Ballingarry, Slieveardagh, Co. Tipperary.

  • Private acts of parliament

    This is a small collection of local interest private acts of parliament ranging from 1695 to 1905. An individual (wealthy, influential and of course male) who for example wanted a divorce or who wanted to undo some family arrangement about property had to finance a private act of parliament to achie...

  • Cole Bowen Papers

    This is a large collection of mainly 19th century estate material, rentals and maps of the Cole Bowen family based in Cork (Bowen’s Court, Co. Cork). However the bulk of their land was in Tipperary amounting to around 5,000 acres.

  • Murphy family, Ballinamona collection

    This is a collection of family and estate papers from the Murphys of Ballinamona.

  • The Sam Melbourne Scrapbook Collection

    A collection of GAA scrapbooks put together by Sam Melbourne over a forty year period.

  • Nodstown National School

    Nodstown National School records from 1841 - 1987

  • Lough Derg Yacht Club

    A miscellaneous collection of records and documents relating to Lough Derg Yacht Club founded 1836.The collection includes minute books, accounts, regatta programmes and books, members lists, general correspondence, a short history of the club, lease and building & club improvements. 

    A large colle...

  • The Bagwell Papers

    This is a large collection of papers relating to the Bagwell family of Tipperary. It relates entirely to estate matters from the 17th century Butler Ormonde interest to the end of the 20th century when the Bagwell connection with Clonmel finally ended.


  • Poor Law Union Records

    A collection of records from Tipperary Poor Law Unions. Mainly minute and rate books.

  • Fired! Bibliography

    Fired! Bibliography collated by Laura Loftus. 

    Bertram, Vicki.  Gendering Poetry: Men and Women Poets. Pandora Press. 2004.

    Bhreathnach-Lynch, Sighle, Landscape, Space, and Gender: Their Role in the Construction of Female Identity in Newly-Independent Ireland’, Canadian Women’s Studies is, vol . ...

  • Now I am a tower of Darkness; Emerging genealogies by Walt Hunter

    Published / Digitised / Open Access / Jacket2 Magazine

    Now I am a tower of Darkness; Emerging genealogies by Walt Hunter

    Jacket2 Magazine URLhttps://jacket2.org/commentary/now-i-am-tower-darkness

    Walt Hunter is assistant professor of world literature at Clemson University and visiting lecturer...

  • The Pledge [Related Documents]

    Files for Darcy 'Works Cited ': The Pledge: Critical Works Cited, Published, The Pledge (Website, 2017


    Works cited in Preamble to the Pledge: URL: https://awomanpoetspledge.com/preamble-to-the-pledge/  and in The Pledge: URL https://awoman...

  • Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870–1970 edited by Dr Lucy Collins

    Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870–1970 edited by Dr Lucy Collins

    Copyright Date: 2012

    Published byLiverpool University Press

    Restricted access via JSTOR: https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt1gn6dkq

    MLA: Collins, Lucy, editor. Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1...

  • Dunn Family Collection

    Donated to WIMA by David K. Dunn, the Dunn Family Collection contains the manuscripts, books, sheet music, recordings, artifacts and ephemera collected by Michael J. Dunn. Musician and instrument maker/repairer Michael J. Dunn (1855 - 1935)

  • The Pledge [Signatories]


    Pledges like this one are increasingly common in any field where participants want to take positive action to promote gender fairness. An example is the online petition set up by Virginia Valian and Dan Sperber, in which “signatories commit to accepting talk invitations only from conferences that...

  • Why Has Poet Lola Ridge Disappeared? On The Historical Erasure Of Political Women Artists

    Terese Svoboda on her biography of Lola Ridge Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet (for Lithub).

    Lola Ridge (1874-1941) was a very prominent proletariat modernist poet—the New York Times said at the time of her death that she was one of the best poets in the country–but p...

  • I am a poet without a landscape, a woman poet without a narrative heritage. (Irish Times)

    A meditation on publishing in an Irish Poetry landscape which has disavowed the woman poet's voice in numerous iterations throughout the writing life of the poet C. Murray, for the Irish Times.

    Published / Digitised / Open Access / Irish Times/


  • "The Influence of Absences" by Moyra Donaldson

    Moyra Donaldson delineates her response to  Alex Pryce, “Ambiguous Silences? Women in Anthologies of Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry”, Peer English 9 (2014).

    URL: http://www.rascal.ac.uk/institutions/fired-irish-women-poets-and-canon/alex-pryce-papers

    I’ve told the story before, of how I went t...

  • 'A tipping point’: women writers pledge to boycott gender biased books after very male anthology

    Media Article/ Feature: Published / Digitised / Open Access

    Published:The Guardian Newspaper 12/01/2018


    Irish women poets are rising up en masse agains...

  • A prosaic lack of women in the Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets

    Mary O'Donnell writes for Fired!

    (Published, Irish Times, January 8th, 2018)

    It’s almost 100 years since women were granted franchise, and a start to some kind of social equality. If you were 30 or over, you could vote. Given what voting rights imply in terms of adult equality, it’s a strange th...

  • The White Blackbird; The Marginalisation of Irish Women Poets from Literary Magazines During the 1980s

    The White Blackbird; The Marginalisation of Irish Women Poets from Literary Magazines During the 1980s.

    Online article published, The Honest Ulsterman Magazine (February, 2018)

    Article URL: http://humag.co/features/the-white-blackbird

  • A Meditation on Ireland, Women, Poetry and Subversion

    A Meditation on Ireland, Women, Poetry and Subversion:


    They say a lot of things about how you get in:

    there are accounts of the glories of the hearth, the strength, our hospitality, our courage and the 

    various ways in which we are taken,

    but I volunteered:

    I was not driven out to wander eit...

  • Freda Laughton (1907-1995)

    Now I am a Tower of Darkness: A Critical History of Poetry by Women in Ireland by Emma Penney

    Freda Laughton  (1907-1995) was born in Bristol and moved to Co. Down after her marriage. She published one collection of poetry, A Transitory House (Jonathan Cape, 1945) but little else is known about her...

  • Irish Office Collection

    In 1928 the reference library of the Irish Office in London was transferred to the Oireachtas Library.

  • Dublin Castle Collection

    In 1924 the reference library of the Chief Secretary’s Office was transferred from Dublin Castle to the Houses of the Oireachtas.

  • The Pledge [Related Documents]

    Access to the forms related to the Fired! Irish Women poets and the Canon pledge forms and associated documents can be found Via this URLhttps://awomanpoetspledge.com/ Signing The Pledge opens access to an embedded Google form, where the signatory can leave a comment and document their protest at...

  • Irish Women Poets [Pamphlets]

    Geraldine Plunkett Dillon's "Magnificat" (Published by The Candle Press, Dublin, 1917) Available online at The Internet Archive in [PDF/ DAISY, EPUB, KINDLE] formats

    Open Access URLhttps://archive.org/details/magnificat00pluniala/page/n6

    The text of Magnificat and images associated with Geraldin...

  • The Éamon Donnelly Collection

    The Collection contains the personal and political papers of Éamon Donnelly, a prominent Nationalist politician in Ireland during the 1920s and 1930s, and one of the founding members of Fianna Fáil. The collection also includes correspondence from leading figures including Éamon de Valera, Michael C...

  • The Hugh Irvine Collection

    The Collection, compiled by Hugh Irvine, a teacher in Kilkeel High School, contains c.700 items relating to local social and family history in the Kilkeel area. This includes photographs, postcards, receipts from local businesses, Ordnance Survey Maps, books, newspaper cuttings and detailed notes on...

  • De Buitléar

    The De Buitléar Collection accompanies the archive of the same name. It represents the scholarly and scientific interests of the well-known musician, film-maker and wildlife expert, Éamon de Buitléar (1930-2013). 

  • Simms Collection (Irish)

    Significant collection of early monographs, pamphlets, bound letters etc pertaining to Ireland by foreign authors and/or by Irishmen printed abroad. Dating mainly from before 1701, the Simms collection contains many rare and important items that have been gathered together by a local book collector...

  • Hibernica Collection

    The Hibernica Collection, or Henry Collection as it was previously known, is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and/or origin, being strongest in history and literature, and also including works of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. Officially...

  • Charles Collection

    Small collection of papers and photographic material presented to the University Library by the Biblical Scholar, R.H. Charles, Archdeacon of Westminster (1855-1931) consisting mainly of photographs (positive and negative) of original Aramaic, Greek and Ethiopic biblical manuscripts dating from the...

  • MacAdam Manuscript

    Extant manuscript for an English-Irish Dictionary of Ulster Irish compiled for and in association with the Belfast born industrialist and Gaelic Scholar, Robert Shipboy MacAdam (1808-95).

  • Ferguson Collection

    Collection of research materials collected by Godfrey W. Ferguson (d. c 1939/40) of Belfast, President of the Belfast Literary Society (1922-23, 1934-35), concerning Anne Isabella Milbanke, Lady Byron (1792-1860), wife of the Romantic Poet, Lord George Gordon Byron (1788-1824), and, in particular, t...

  • Percy Collection

    The almost intact 18th century library of the author and antiquarian, Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Bishop of Dromore, Co. Down. Described at one time as the finest library in private hands in Ireland, the collection contains monographs, bound volumes of pamphlets and some manuscripts relating principal...

  • Simms Medical Collection

    Once described as one of the most selective and extensive of collections in private hands, the Simms Medical collection is an outstanding assemblage of works concerning the practice of medicine and medical history. It comprises a few 17th century medical texts, first and early editions of 18th, 19th...

  • Brett Collection

    Small collection of miscellaneous papers and documents deposited by the Belfast solicitor, Sir Charles Brett (1839-1926). The collection consists of a variety of material, mainly of antiquarian interest, including books, extracts, manuscripts, and other documents relating principally to early Englis...

  • O'Shaughnessy Manuscripts

    Collection of literary manuscripts of the Victorian poet, Arthur O’Shaughnessy (1844-81) comprising chiefly of some 21 annotated notebooks of poems, prose and verse composed by him, c 1860-70, and appearing in his published works, ‘An Epic of Women’ (1870), ‘Lays of France’ (1872), ‘Music and Moonli...

  • Newport Collection

    Collection of letters and other papers relating to the public and private affairs of Sir John Newport (1756-1843), Irish Politician and Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer, banker and landowner. The bulk of the collection consists of some 250 letters, c 1765-c 1862, addressed to, and received from, so...

  • McAllister Collection: Church History Pamphlets

    This is a collection of pamphlets accumulated by James McAllister, lecturer in Economic History at Queen’s University Belfast 1973-2007. He had a particular interest in local history and is noted for compiling ‘A Belfast chronicle 1789: a compilation from the Belfast Newsletter.’ He collected a rang...

  • Andrews Manuscripts

    This collection consists of a selection of scientific papers and correspondence by and addressed to Chemist and Physicist, Thomas Andrews (1813-85), chiefly written in his own hand or copied by his daughters, Elizabeth Andrews and Mary K. Andrews, and forming part of the documents used in the prepar...

  • Thomson Collection

    Collection of scientific papers and notebooks, memoranda, lectures, correspondence etc of James Thomson (1822-1892), Professor of Engineering at Queen’s College, Belfast, 1857-1873. Various topics are highlighted in the collection reflecting Professor Thomson’s wide range of research interests. Thes...

  • O'Rahilly Collection

    Collection of Irish manuscripts and printed books annotated by the distinguished Celtic Scholar, T.F. O’Rahilly (1883-1953). A relatively small assemblage of material, the books are extensively annotated by O'Rahilly and include a range of titles on Irish dialect, grammar and Irish Literature, datin...

  • Presbyterian Mission Archive

    The Presbyterian Mission Archive is an indispensible resource for those investigating the history of missions conducted by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Irish Presbyterians, in Ireland and further afield. It contains diaries, letters, scrapbooks, photographs, posters, audio recordings and m...

  • Gilbert Collection

    Papers, manuscripts and letters of the novelist Stephen Gilbert (1912-2010)

  • Ross-Rosenzweig Collection

    Collection of monographs, periodicals and facsimilies, etc., on or relating to a variety of Hebrew and Jewish subjects and studies. Included are Hebrew texts relating to the interpretation, analysis and commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran community, alongside works of Hebrew literature...

  • Comintern Papers (Irish Labour Movement Papers)

    This collection comprises copies of files held in the Russian Archive for Social and Political History. The files pertain to the Irish labour movement and the history of Communism in Ireland and include speeches, reports, letters, agendas, fliers, handwritten notes, lists, telegrams, minutes and pos...