Micheline Kerney Walsh Overseas Archive

The Micheline Kerney Walsh Overseas Archive was previously known as the Overseas Archive and was housed in the Department of Archives at University College, Dublin. This collection contains research materials gleaned primarily from Spanish and French Archives, relating to the Irish Diaspora of 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century Europe. The Archive was founded in 1954 by Prof. Patrick McBride of the Dept. of Spanish and Italian, U.C.D. for the purpose of documenting the history of the Irish in continental Europe and making this material available to Irish researchers. Dr. Micheline Kerney Walsh (1919-1997) was involved in the work of the Overseas Archive from the days of its foundation, first as Assistant, and later as Deputy Director to Prof. McBride. Dr. Kerney Walsh retired as Overseas Archivist in 1987.


This is an important collection for scholars of the Irish abroad. It contains copies of many important documents culled from a range of relevant archives primarily in Spain and France.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 100,000 documents (200,000 copies and transcripts)

Description or Catalogue

The Micheline Kerney Walsh Overseas Archive is accessible by staff via a card catalogue.


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The Ó Fiaich Library has embarked on a partnership with University College Dublin which will ensure that this collection is further developed and will continue to be available for research purposes.

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