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*Please note that EGSA is no longer in service in Northern Ireland.*

EGSA collection is concerned with adult learning and related issues -, guidance, implementation, policy, special groups, etc. The collection consists of books, reports and journals from the 1960s onward. EGSA aims to help adults to access learning and to improve opportunities for learning. EGSA provides information, advice and guidance on learning opportunities for adults over the age of 19. The organisation is particularly interested in people who have been unable to take advantage of formal education. Information is collected and maintained on a wide range of courses and careers. Advice is available to help people interpret information or to use it more effectively. Guidance is provided to help adults identify learning needs and make decisions about appropriate learning opportunities.


This is likely to be a unique collection in terms of depth of coverage concerning adult education, adult guidance, life-long learning and related subjects.

Physical characteristics

800 volumes, 60 journal titles

Description or Catalogue

50% of collection is accessed through an automated catalogue (post 1995) and the remainder through a card catalogue.


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