Tackling the catastrophic canonical neglect of Irish women poets and writers (Irish Times)

A response to articles by Sinead Gleeson " A profound deafness to the female voice (The Irish Times, April 18th, 2018)  and Deirdre Falvey "“Two-thirds of published poets are male, so does poetry have a gender issue?” (The Irish Times, August 17th, 2019)


This article was originally published as 'The Work Of A Healing, Reclamation And The 'Re-Creative' Voice In Irish Women's Writing' by C. Murray

URLhttps://archive.org/details/theworkofahealingreclamationandtherecreativevoiceinirishwomenswritingc.murray/mode/2up (ISSUU)

URLhttps://ia803106.us.archive.org/4/items/theworkofahealingreclamationandtherecreativevoiceinirishwomenswritingc.murray/The%20work%20of%20a%20healing%2C%20reclamation%20and%20the%20%27re-creative%27%20voice%20in%20Irish%20women%27s%20writing%20%20C.%20Murray.pdf [PDF]

The essay was published in the Irish Times under the title 'Tackling the catastrophic canonical neglect of Irish women poets and writers: ‘We need the voices of women in our national cultural narrative’


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