Newspaper and Journal Collection

The collection includes Gordon’s “Newry Chronicle”, a newspaper established in the 1750s, “Newry Commercial Telegraph”, established in 1812, with Alexander Wilson as the printer and James Stuart as the Editor. Included in the Newspaper Collection are runs of "The Irish Sun" covering the 1850s and 1860s, useful information regarding emigration is to be found here. The "Northern Star", Belfast - holdings for this are volumes 1,2,4,5 - the same as those listed in the Newry Free Public Library Catalogue between 1792-1796/7. A full list of newspaper holdings can be obtained on request. There are also significant runs of Irish historical periodicals, examples of which are the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, the Ulster Journal of Archaeology - complete sets of the First Series, Second Series and 58 volumes of the Third Series (in progress) and Bealadois - Journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society to name but a few. Irish Political and Radical Newspapers and the Linen Hall Political Periodical Collection on microfilm may also be consulted at Irish & Local Studies, Armagh.


Hardcopy versions of the Catholic Telegraph 1852-1853, 1855-1858, 1860-1866; Cork Gazette 1790; Dublin Evening Mail 1825-1830, 1836; Dublin Evening Post 1814, 1818-1819; Northern Star volumes 1,2,4,5.

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Microforms in excess of 6000, approximately 350 journals. 

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There is an in-house database of journal holdings.

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