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Office of the First and Deputy First Minister

The overall aim of the Executive Office, previously the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) is to contribute to and oversee the co-ordination of Executive policies and programmes to deliver a peaceful, fair, equal and prosperous society.

Key Executive Office objectives

In pursuing this aim, the key interlinked objectives of the Department are:

  • Driving investment and sustainable development: Through regeneration of strategic former military sites; promoting effective long-term capital planning and delivery; and, promoting the Executive’s policy interests internationally
  • Tackling Disadvantage and Promoting Equality of Opportunity: By driving a programme across Government to reduce poverty; promoting and protecting the interests of children, older people, people with disabilities, victims and survivors, and other socially excluded groups; addressing inequality and disadvantage; and, drive the delivery of Government responsibilities in a sustainable manner
  • The effective operation of the institutions of government in the delivery of an agreed Programme for Government: By providing a central source of information, co-ordination and advice to departments on Executive, Assembly, and legislative procedures; co-ordinating and reviewing the Programme for Government; driving the more efficient and sustainable use of capital assets across Government; and, ensuring the structure of public administration is efficient, effective and sustainable.

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