Curran Collection

The books, letters and photographs of Constantine Peter Curran, 1880-1972. Curran was a lawyer and a historian of 18th century Dublin architecture, sculpture and plasterwork, with a life-long interest in art and literature. His book collection in UCD includes editions from the Irish literary revival, and some James Joyce first editions. His manuscript collection consists principally of some 400 letters. Among Curran’s correspondents were Tom Kettle, George William Russell (AE), Jack B. Yeats, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, relatives and friends of Joyce, and scholars with an interest in Joyce’s life and writing.


Constantine Curran's book collection is a uniquely comprehensive collection of early 20th century Anglo-Irish literature.

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Catalogue of Curran collection available on UCD's Online Public Access Catalogue at .The Curran letters pertaining to Joyce are available in PDF format at the following address:… . Some of the Curran photographs and letters are available on the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive at .

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