Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Committee


The Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Committee began in 1980 as an informal group of five individuals with common cause, the nomination of gardens within Northern Ireland that were of outstanding international significance. The first task of the group was to produce a preliminary listing of gardens and parks in Northern Ireland and to submit details of them to the International Committee of Historic Gardens (a committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites). This was completed in 1982 and formed the basis of Northern Gardens which was published in association with the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. In c. 1989, funding was secured to set up a dedicated archive of gardens in Northern Ireland. This work was conducted on behalf of the Committee by the Historic Gardens Consultant, Belinda Jupp, and resulted in the publication of the Heritage Gardens Inventory (1992), a detailed listing of significant gardens in the north of Ireland. Source material accumulated during the course of this 3-year project was deposited as part of the Monuments and Buildings Record in c. 1993 for further expansion and permanent preservation. By this time, membership of the Committee had grown to 13 and included a representative selection of interested persons including the then librarian of Queen's University, George Wheeler and the Principal Inspector of the Historic Monuments and Buildings Branch of the DoE, Dr Ann Hamlin. The committee currently operates out of this department, now known as the Environment and Heritage Service: Built Heritage, under the direction of Mr Terence Reeves-Smyth who now maintains the present Inventory.\n\nSource: Heritage Gardens Inventory, compiled by Belinda Jupp (Belfast, 1992)