Armstrong Family of Deans Hill


Well established, local family resident Deans Hill, Co. Armagh. Prominent members included William Jones Armstrong (1794-1872), barrister, of Killylea, Co. Armagh , and his younger son, Rt Hon. Henry Bruce Armstrong (1844-1943). Both held important public offices as High Sheriffs, county councillors, magistrates etc. with the former serving as King's Advocate in Berbice, Guyana and Deputy Colonial Secretary in Demerera and Essequibo during the 1820s. Henry served as a member of the Irish Convention, 1917-18, Senator to Queen's University in 1920, Unionist MP for Mid Armagh in 1921-22 and as a Senator, Privy Councillor and Lord Justice (in the absence of the Governor) of Northern Ireland, 1921-1938. It was also this Armstrong who was responsible for buying Deans Hill from the Representative Church Body of the Church of Ireland in 1888.\n\nSee also <a href="; target="new_window"></a&gt;.