Adams, Brendan (1917-1981)


Brendan Adams was curator of language/Dialect Archivist at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum from c. 1964 until his sudden death in 1981. He was a scholar of manifold interests and commitments, respected within both academic and public circles for his work on dialect, lingustic history, place-names, personal names and folklore etc, becoming a leading authority on Ulster dialect. He served as Chairman of the Ulster Place-Name Society and the North of Ireland Family History Society and Secretary/Treasurer of the Ulster Society for Medieval Latin Studies. He was also member of the Royal Irish Academy from 1969, serving as RIA representative on the Irish National Committee for Modern Language Studies, Board member of An Chomhairle Ealion, and member of the Council for Name Studies in Great Britain and Ireland. Source: "In Memoriam, Brendan Adams, MRIA (1917-1981), Deirdre Flanagan in Bulletin of the Ulster Place-Name Society, Series 2, Volume 4 (1981-82).