Harty, Hamilton, Sir (1879-1941)


Composer and Conductor. Born, Hillsborough, Co. Down, 4 Dec 1879. Organist in Belfast and Dublin by age 12, moving to London in 1900 where he became a sought-after pianoforte accompanist and conductor. In addition to giving many recitals with his wife, the soprano Agnes Nicholls (1877–1959), he became known as a conductor in concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra. From 1920 to 1933 he was conductor of the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester. A composer in the Romantic Tradition, his works include a violin concerto, a tone poem, With the Wild Geese (1910), and the Irish Symphony (1924). He was knighted in 1925. He died on Feb. 19, 1941, Hove, Sussex, England.

Composer and Conductor