O’Shaughnessy, Arthur (1844-81)


English poet, b. London, 1844. ed. privately. 1861 began work in the Library of the British Museum as a transcriber, before moving to the Zoology Department in 1863, where he became an authority on herpetology. Not previously known for his artistic talents, he published his first anthology, An Epic of Women in 1870, to great acclaim, although his subsequent publications failed to live up to general expectations. An associate of the pre-raphaelites, his principal works included the aforementioned An Epic of Women (1870), but also Lays of France (1872), Music and Moonlight (1881) and Songs of a Worker, which was published posthumously in 1881. His best-known poem is ‘The Music-Makers.’ d. 1881. Sources: Dictionary of National Biography (1895) Chambers Biographical Dictionary (1990)