Stuart, Francis (1902-2000)


Francis Stuart (1902-2000), of Ulster Protestant stock was born in Australia. His father committed suicide a short time later and his mother returned to Ireland where he grew up. He was educated at Rugby in England. At eighteen he eloped with Iseult Gonne, daughter of Maud Gonne MacBride. He fought on the Republican side in the War of Independence 1920-21. Stuart went to Germany in 1939 as a university lecturer and remained there for the duration of World War II. He made pro-Nazi broadcasts in English from Germany during this time, but always denied any charges of anti-Semitism. Whilst in Germany he was interned by the allies for one year (1945-6) as a result of his controversial broadcasts. After this he lived in Germany, France and England. He was exiled from Ireland but was allowed to return in 1959. His literary talent was often overlooked due to his highly controversial politics and life. His novels include The White Hare, 1936, Redemption, 1949, Flowering Cross, 1950 and the acclaimed autobiography Black List, Section H written as fiction in 1971. He died in Ireland on February 2nd 2000.