Sutton, Henry Septimus (1825-1901)


Author and Poet. b. Nottingham, 1825. Moved to Manchester in 1850. Editor of the Alliance News in Manchester, 1854-98. Married for the second time in 1857. Cultivated a number of literary and artistic acquaintances and friends including George MacDonald, Francis Power Cobb and Christina G. Rossetti. d 1901. Publications include: Clifton Grove Garland; a poem (Nottingham, 1848); Consider the Ravens (Manchester); The Evangel of Love (London, 1847) Five Essays for students of the Divine Philosophy of Swedenborg (London, 1895); The Letter and Authority of Swedenborg and the "Freedom and Faith" of Dr. Tafel by H.S. Sutton (Manchester, 1883); Our Saviour's Triple Crown: an essay for students of the Divine philosophy of Swedenborg… (London, 1898); Outlines of the Doctrine of the Mind according to Emanuel Swedenborg, with observations by Henry Septimus Sutton (London, 1889); Poems by Henry Septimus Sutton (Manchester, N.D.); Poems by Henry S. Sutton (Nottingham, 1848); Poems (Glasgow, 1886); Quinquenergia; or Proposals for a new practical theology (London, 1854); Rose's Diary and other Poems (Manchester, 1899)

Author and Poet