Allingham, William, 1824-1889

William Allingham Archive

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

William Allingham was born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal on March 19th 1824. His father was a successful merchant and later a banker in the town. He grew up in Ballyshannon and worked in the bank there and various other towns in Northern Ireland before joining the Customs Service. He finally settled in England, remaining a Civil Servant for twenty five years. He continued to be torn between his ...

Ulster Writers Archive

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The Archive includes material which is concerned with the following Ulster writers: William Allingham, Andrew Boyd, Frederick Gamble, Mary Gardiner, Frederick Harte, Dr. Richard Hayward, Benedict Kiely, Jack Loudan, Anna Redlich, Bishop Reeves and Charles Witherspoon.

Sam Hanna Bell Collection

Linen Hall Library

The Sam Hanna Bell Collection at the Linen Hall Library consists of the manuscripts for four novels - Across the narrow sea, December Bride, The hollow ball and A man flourishing, and of The theatre in Ulster, a leading work on the subject.