Benn, George (1801-1882), historian and businessman

Benn Papers

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

Personal papers of George Benn (1801-1882), historian of Belfast, and his brother, Edward Benn (1798-1874), antiquarian, philanthropist and founder of 3 Belfast hospitals, 1819-1918. Comprising correspondence, notes, essays and other papers, the collection reflects the lives and interests of these two important Ulster scholars and benefactors. The earliest document in the archive is an essay writt ...

Royal Belfast Academical Institution Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The Royal Belfast Academical Institution Collection forms part of the F.J. Bigger Collection at Belfast Central Library. The material contained in it serves as complementary material to the the school's own archive. It was accumulated as a result of F.J. Bigger's involvement with the school's centenary publication. The collection consists of manuscripts and proof sheets relating to the centenary p ...