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BBC Northern Ireland Archive

BBC Northern Ireland Archive

The BBC Northern Ireland Archive is a comprehensive collection of archive material previously broadcast by and/or originating from the BBC in Northern Ireland, since its establishment in 1924 to the present day. It consists of some 8,000 radio programmes (c 1924-c 1999), 500 cans of film (c 1959-79), the BBC NI Press Office Collection of approx. 10,000 publicity photographs and negatives, press re ...

Sam Thompson Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The Sam Thompson Collection at Belfast Central Library reflects his life as a playwright in Belfast in the 1960's, it also includes some related material - writings of Warren Julian Thompson (son). Sam Thompson was born in Ballymacarrett, Belfast in 1916 and worked for the greater part of his life as a painter in the shipyard. Sam Hanna Bell was responsible for encouraging him to write. His best k ...