Dreyer, J. L. E. (John Louis Emil), 1852-1926

Documents Relating to Armagh Observatory Buildings, Grounds and Services

Armagh Observatory

Documents concerning: surrender of land for use by the Armagh Observatory 1789 - 1790, insurance policies 1794 - 1945, list of indentures concerning transfer of land and appointment of J.A. Hamilton as astronomer 1790, meridian marks 1802 - 1872, journal of works and repairs to Armagh Observatory buildings and equipment (T.R. Robinson, J.L.E. Dreyer and assistants), plans of Armagh Observatory and ...

Armagh Observatory Library and Archives

Armagh Observatory

The Library of the Armagh Observatory is one of the premier astronomical collections in Ireland, encompassing a core collection of textbooks, many scientific journals concerning astronomy and related sciences, and archives of scientific and historic interest. Its foundation can be traced to the establishement of Armagh Observatory in 1790 and its holdings include long runs of the major national an ...

Historical Archives of the Armagh Observatory

Armagh Observatory

The Historical Archives of the Armagh Observatory comprise documents relating to the Buildings and Administration, Astronomical Drawings, the Papers of the Directors and Staff, and Documents concerning Railways. The papers detailing the administration of the Observatory include items such as the printed Act of the Irish Parliament setting up the Observatory in 1791, with the 1938 amendment, Minute ...