Mercator, Gerardus

Ewart 1.1 1572 - Eryn. Hiberniae Brittannicae Insvlæ Nova Descriptio. Irlandt.

Ewart Map Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Ewart Map Collection is one of 3 core map collections held by Special Collections at Queen's University Belfast. It was originally assembled by Belfast collector and linen merchant, Lavens M. Ewart J. P. (1845-1898). It was formally presented to Queen's University in 1954 by Ewart's grandchildren, Dr. Vivian Lutwyche, Dr. Violet Lutwyche, and Miss Lenore Dawson. A number of complementary maps ...

Antiquarian Map Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The library has a fine collection of early Irish maps dating from the sixteenth century to the early nineteenth century. The increasing sophistication of printing processes as harnessed for the production of maps from the 16th century through to the late 19th century, can be traced in the range of maps represented in this collection. Map makers such as Mercator, Ortelius, Petty and Speed, major in ...