Moore, Thomas, 1779-1852

Gibson-Massie Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Andrew Gibson was a Scottish businessman and a highly regarded scholar and bibliophile. He had originally come to Belfast to act as agent for the ship owner G. & J. Burns Ltd. Gibson is chiefly remembered today as a bibliophile and an expert on poetry. He had an expansive library containing collections by Allan Ramsay, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore and others. The Gibson-Massie Collection at QUB Spec ...

Thomas Moore, Moore's Irish Melodies, 1876, Cover (Moore PR5054.I7 1876a)

Moore Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Special collection of books etc, by, or relating to, the Irish poet, satirist, composer, and musician, Thomas Moore (1779-1852). Born in Dublin to Roman Catholic parents in 1779, Thomas Moore went on to become one of Ireland's most popular writers, regarded at the time, as Ireland's national lyricist. Remembered principally for his Irish Melodies , which appeared in numerous editions from 1807-34, ...