Northern Ireland Parliament

Midgely Papers

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

Political and personal papers of the Ulster politician Harry Midgley (1892-1957), Minister of Public Security in the Northern Ireland Parliament, 1943-45, Minister of Labour, 1949, and Minister of Education, 1950-57. The collection includes much material reflecting Midgley’s career in the Northern Ireland Labour Party and in the Stormont Government and his interests more generally. Included can be ...

Northern Ireland Offical Publications.

NI Assembly Library

The material in the Noethern Ireland Offical Publications collection comprises: Debates of Northern Ireland Parliament and Assemblies since 1921 (complete) Northern Ireland Parliamentary and Assembly Papers since 1921 (complete) Northern Ireland Legislation (complete) Publications of Northern Ireland Government Departments from 1921 (extremely extensive and as complete as possible)