O'Grady, Standish

F.J. Bigger Correspondence Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The F.J. Bigger Correspondence Collection forms part of the F.J. Bigger Collection held at the Belfast Cetral Library. It consists of over forty-eight archival boxes of private correspondence reflecting the interests of F.J. Bigger. F.J. Bigger was editor of "The Ulster Journal of Arcchaeology" and a keen historian of the United Irishmen and the 1798 Rebellion. The collection consists of letters f ...

Caldwell Collection

Linen Hall Library

Mr S. A. G. Caldwell of Newcastle, County Down donated his private collection of Irish books and manuscripts on the linen industry to the Linen Hall Library. The collection represents a busy man's private interests and spans the fields of literature, history, archaeology, industry, agriculture and religion. It contains many of the standard works in each field. Over a period of fifty years Mr Caldw ...

W.B. Yeats Collection, Enniskillen

Libraries NI, Enniskillen Library

The W. B. Yeats Special Collection consists of works by and about this author. The collection consists in the main of poetry, plays and criticisms written by the author himself, there is also a considerable number of critical works. A number of the works such as "Finn and his companions" by Standish O'Grady and "Irish Fairy Tales" edited by W.B. Yeats are illustrated by Jack B. Yeats.