Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland

Map Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

Included in the collection: 1832 Ordnance Survey of Ireland – scale 6" to 1 mile - a fine series of hand coloured maps in 28 original leather cases. 1947 Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland – scale 6" to 1 mile 1962 Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. Irish Grid Series 1 : 1250 ( 50" to 1 mile) 1 : 2500 ( 25" to 1 mile) 1 : 10000 ( 6" to 1 mile)

Maps in Action

Northern Ireland Environment Agency: Built Heritage

“Maps in Action” is an electronic resource that has been developed for the Built Heritage branch of the Department of the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland as part of the Monuments and Buildings Record. It is an interactive database based on Ordnance Survey maps (both current and previous editions) which provides direct access to a range of data and maps concerning designated a ...