Parsons, William

Astronomical Drawings

Armagh Observatory

The astronomical drawings held at Armagh Observatory consist of pencil drawings of the planets by J.A. Hamilton in the 1790s, and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in 1799, and pen and ink sketches of lunar craters by Evelyn M. Whitehead in 1911 and some drawings from Lord Rosse's observatory in Birr, County Offaly. The drawings from Lord Rosse's observatory are original sketches by W. H. Rambaut. Th ...

Armagh Observatory Library and Archives

Armagh Observatory

The Library of the Armagh Observatory is one of the premier astronomical collections in Ireland, encompassing a core collection of textbooks, many scientific journals concerning astronomy and related sciences, and archives of scientific and historic interest. Its foundation can be traced to the establishement of Armagh Observatory in 1790 and its holdings include long runs of the major national an ...

Papers of T.R. Robinson

Armagh Observatory

The T.R. Robinson papers at Armagh Observatory reflect T.R. Robinson's life and interests. They consist of a mixture of published and unpublished papers and newspaper reports, manuscript notebooks of the results of various experiments as well as sermons and speeches to learned and church societies. Included in this collection is a series of letters to and from Robinson, mainly concerning financial ...