Ros, Amanda McKittrick (1860-1939), writer

Jack Loudan Collection

Linen Hall Library

The Jack Loudan Collection at the Linen Hall Library consists of the typescript of his best known work "O Rare Amanda", the only biography of the Ulster writer Amanda M'Kittrick Ros, and that of her unfinished novel "Helen Huddleston", which Loudan completed. There is also a typescript of a play dramatising "O Rare Amanda" and an album of reviews of the biography. The collection also includes type ...

Amanda McKittrick Ros Collection

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

Amanda McKittrick Ross (1860-1939) was born in Drumaness, Co Down. She published her first novel "Irene Iddesleigh" at her own expense in 1898. She proved to be a prolific novelist and poet. Despite not being read very widely her eccentric writing style was famed amongst critics and admirers as creating some of the worst prose and poetry ever written. Her novel Irene Iddesleigh was published by No ...

Jack Loudan Archive

Libraries NI, Belfast Central Library

The Jack Loudan Archive at Belfast Central Library consists of a typescript of the play "The Sham prince or News from Passau". Loudan is better known for his biography of Amanda M'Kittrick Ros - "O Rare Amanda". He completed her unfinished novel "Helen Huddleson".