Harland & Wolff Photographic Collection

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The Harland & Wolff Photographic Collection comprises some 70,000 negatives covering the work of the company between 1895 and 1986, at which date, the collection was donated to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. Coverage prior to 1895 is sparce but some prints date back to c. 1861, two years after the founding of the company. The collection contains photographs from the company's works in Southam ...

UFTM Sound Archive

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The brief of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is to record and preserve the way of life, past and present, of the people of Northern Ireland. The contents of the Museum’s Sound Archive reflects this brief, comprising mainly oral history recordings made by curatorial members of staff and other interested persons, traditional Irish music, folk tunes and songs, recitals recorded by and at UFTM, c ...