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Ulster Folk & Transport Museum Archival Collections

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The Archives maintained by the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum have been collected to support the collecting remit of the museum with special reference to folk life and transport. Overall the archival collections consist of over half a million items. They cover subjects such as air, land and sea transport, settlement and dwelling, crafts, costume and textiles, agriculture, working life, community l ...

UFTM Sound Archive

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

The brief of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is to record and preserve the way of life, past and present, of the people of Northern Ireland. The contents of the Museum’s Sound Archive reflects this brief, comprising mainly oral history recordings made by curatorial members of staff and other interested persons, traditional Irish music, folk tunes and songs, recitals recorded by and at UFTM, c ...