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Historical Memory 2: Fired! Irish Women Poets And The Canon by Dick Edelstein

Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon

The Founding of the Fired! Movement Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon is a collective that became publicly known in 2017. It emerged from discussions among a group of women of varied backgrounds in both Northern Ireland and the Republic who shared a common interest in the status of women in the arts, and it was launched in response to the publication of the current edition of the Cambridge Co ...

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Milltown Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The collection is particularly notable for the Journals of the pre-Union House of Commons and House of Lords in Ireland. There is a considerable number of 18th century publications relating to the governance of England and Ireland - statutes, votes and parliamentary debates - as well as more general literary and historical material such as the works of Jonathan Swift, poetry, almanacs, histories o ...

Elaborate sketch of a king and queen

FitzGerald Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The collection contains a large amount of literature, opera, poetry and plays. There is also a large body of work regarding the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and some general histories of Irish cities, European countries and important monarchs. There are several items relating to the ‘Surplus Revenues Dispute’ of the mid-18th century which are quite historically important. The general body ...

Russian Collection QUB1

Russian Language Collection

Queen's University Belfast, The McClay Library

Jewish Gazette

The Jewish Gazette

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The opening paragraph of the first Jewish Gazette editorial neatly summarises the aims: "Briefly, our purpose is to record and comment on Jewish activities in Ireland in every sphere, whether charitable, religious, cultural, or Zionist; to crystallise Jewish opinion in Ireland on subjects of controversial or general communal interest; and also to act as the forum from which every shade of Jewish o ...

An appeal to the public by James Tandy

Irish Office Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

This collection (1500 items) includes parliamentary material from the Irish House of Lords and a collection of political pamphlets and essays commenting on political, social, economic and religious issues of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ortelius map of Ireland

Dublin Castle Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The Dublin Castle collection (6,800 items) contains a variety of formats including historical monographs, maps, periodicals, cartoons, prints and pamphlets. The collection is particularly distinct in its holdings of visual and periodical material. Given the wide range of publication dates, major themes and topics of Irish history are represented. These include materials relating to: The 1641 rebel ...


National University of Ireland Galway

The Morrissey Collection contains significant printed titles relating to the period of the Williamite Wars in Ireland (1689-91) with particular reference to the Battle of Aughrim. It was assembled by Colman Morrissey, the son of Joseph Morrissey, a graduate of UCG (the name by which NUI, Galway known 1908-1997). It includes some especially rare items including an annotated copy of a List of Claims ...

Langford Lodge Collection

Libraries NI, Ballymena Central Library

Londonderry was the largest US communications base in Europe and it was also the largest US escort base in the United Kingdom. The US Army Air Force took over aerodromes at Langford Lodge, Long Kesh, Maghaberry and Greencastle.

Samuel Beckett collection

Boston College, John J. Burns Library

The Samuel Beckett collection comprises six distinct series and one miscellaneous series of Beckett-related material including manuscripts and typescripts by Beckett, correspondence with Beckett, ephemera, photographs, and publications by and about Beckett: The Samuel Beckett-Calvin Israel collection (1929-1981) is primarily Beckett manuscripts and publications, but also includes theater programs, ...