An act for sale of part of the estate of Thomas Lord Baron of Caher

Private acts of parliament

Tipperary Studies

This is a small collection of local interest private acts of parliament ranging from 1695 to 1905. An individual (wealthy, influential and of course male) who for example wanted a divorce or who wanted to undo some family arrangement about property had to finance a private act of parliament to achieve his ends. The various acts range from an act concerning fines in the County Palatine of Tipperary ...

Marlfield House Clonmel

The Bagwell Papers

Tipperary Studies

This is a large collection of papers relating to the Bagwell family of Tipperary. It relates entirely to estate matters from the 17th century Butler Ormonde interest to the end of the 20th century when the Bagwell connection with Clonmel finally ended. The Bagwell home, Marlfield, was burned during the Civil War and many personal papers were lost. The collection deals with the getting and letting ...

An appeal to the public by James Tandy

Irish Office Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

This collection (1500 items) included parliamentary material from the Irish House of Lords and a collection of political pamphlets and essays commenting on political, social, economic and religious issues of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Ortelius map of Ireland

Dublin Castle Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The Dublin Castle collection (6,800 items) contains a variety of formats including historical monographs, maps, periodicals, cartoons, prints and pamphlets. The collection is particularly distinct in its holdings of visual and periodical material. Given the wide range of publication dates, major themes and topics of Irish history are represented. These include materials relating to: The 1641 rebel ...

Ewart Map A 1680

Hibernica Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Hibernica Collection, or Henry Collection as it was previously known, is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and/or origin, being strongest in history and literature, and also including works of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. Officially established in 1929 with a deposit of 1000 volumes from the personal library of R.M. Henry (Profess ...

Kevin Boyle Collection

National University of Ireland Galway

The Kevin Boyle Collection (archive and library) is a wealth of material in the fields of human rights and law research and scholarship. Focus on the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland, the Troubles, international freedom of expression and freedom of religious belief defence reflects Boyle's contributions to the discipline of human rights. The Collection was donated to NUIG by Joan Boyle an ...

Cairnes Collection

National University of Ireland Galway

The library of John Elliott Cairnes (1823-1875), political economist and professor of jurisprudence and political economy at Queen's College, Galway (1859-1870).

Reside Collection

Newry and Mourne Museum

The Reside Collection contains documents which are of great importance to the study of local history and geneaology in the Newry and Mourne area. The Collection is the product of the professional lives of Major G.W. Reside, an architect and engineer based in Newry and his wife Margaret (neé Fisher), who was a solicitor in the town. Much of this material also reflects Major Reside's enthusiasm for ...

Caldwell Collection

Royal Irish Academy

The Caldwell Collection is a broad and varied collection spanning almost three centuries. Its core is made up of the private and business correspondence of members of the Caldwell family and to a lesser extent their wives, siblings, near relatives and business partners. The following male heads of the family feature prominently - Andrew Caldwell (1683-1730/1) Charles Caldwell (1707-1776) Andrew Ca ...

Rare book collection

Chester Beatty Library

Formerly the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875-1968)