Philosophy & Theology

A sketch of Lough Derg with a boat and small islands in the background

Grimsby Convent Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The Grimsby Convent Collection contains 91 hard copy books, pamphlets and journals. The collection contains no unique materials, but books of an Irish interest, especially with regards to Ecclesiastical and General Historical studies. Many of the books and journals have been digitised.

Elaborate sketch of a king and queen

FitzGerald Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The collection contains a large amount of literature, opera, poetry and plays. There is also a large body of work regarding the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and some general histories of Irish cities, European countries and important monarchs. There are several items relating to the ‘Surplus Revenues Dispute’ of the mid-18th century which are quite historically important. The general body ...

Cardinal Cahal Daly

Daly Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Cardinal Cahal Daly (1917-2009) bequeathed his entire personal library to Queen's in 2009. It is a collection of ten thousand books, journals and pamphlets, mostly of theological, philosophical, and Irish historical and cultural interest. The Cardinal Daly Seminar Room on the First Floor of the McClay Library also contains a bust of Cardinal Daly and four Charles McAuley oil paintings also kindly ...

Allen Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

A small collection of material relating to the history of the Presbyterian congregation in Ireland consisting mainly of notebooks, correspondence and notebooks containing cuttings. Robert Allen (1904-1968) was a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and a noted historian of the denomination. The collection contains some of his working papers, especially related to his The Presbyterian Col ...

Jewish Gazette

The Jewish Gazette

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The opening paragraph of the first Jewish Gazette editorial neatly summarises the aims: "Briefly, our purpose is to record and comment on Jewish activities in Ireland in every sphere, whether charitable, religious, cultural, or Zionist; to crystallise Jewish opinion in Ireland on subjects of controversial or general communal interest; and also to act as the forum from which every shade of Jewish o ...

Belfast Jewish Record

Belfast Jewish Record

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Record begins as a monthly magazine published by and for the Belfast Jewish community in 1954, gradually reducing to three issues per year by 2015. It offers a fascinating insight into an important but often overlooked community in Northern Ireland. Issues of the Belfast Jewish Record from 1954-2015 are currently available online: ...

Ewart Map A 1680

Hibernica Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Hibernica Collection, or Henry Collection as it was previously known, is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and/or origin, being strongest in history and literature, and also including works of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. Officially established in 1929 with a deposit of 1000 volumes from the personal library of R.M. Henry (Profess ...

Mac Fhinn Collection

National University of Ireland Galway

Collection of 300+ items accumulated by Msgr. Eric Mac Fhinn (1895-1987) of Co. Galway, UCG lecturer in education (through Irish) 1931-1965.

Diaries and photographs from the Presbyterian Mission Archive.

Presbyterian Mission Archive

Union Theological College, The Gamble Library

The Presbyterian Mission Archive includes letters, scrapbooks, photographs, audio recordings, postcards, minutes and diaries relating to foreign missions conducted by Irish Presbyterians or the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, in places such as India, Manchuria and Africa, as well as missions delivered in the north and south of Ireland. Documents detailing the history of several related mission org ...

Part of the Gamble Library's Irish Collection.

Gamble Library Irish Collection

Union Theological College, The Gamble Library

The Gamble Library Irish Collection contains around two thousand items relating to Irish history, with special reference to religious and political history, especially the history of the Presbyterian Church, making it an essential resource for research into Irish Presbyterianism. It also contains the biographies of many key Irish figures and the congregational histories of most Presbyterian Church ...