Elaborate sketch of a king and queen

FitzGerald Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The collection contains a large amount of literature, opera, poetry and plays. There is also a large body of work regarding the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and some general histories of Irish cities, European countries and important monarchs. There are several items relating to the ‘Surplus Revenues Dispute’ of the mid-18th century which are quite historically important. The general body ...

Belfast Medical Library

Belfast Medical Library

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Belfast Medical Society (1806-1818 & 1822-1862) had established a lending library for its member by 1826. The complete collection of its 16th and 17th century works on medicine were presented to Queen's University in 1915 and 1916. They were originally housed in the Medical Library but were transferred to Special Collections in 2009. The present collection also contains medical books from the ...

An appeal to the public by James Tandy

Irish Office Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

This collection (1500 items) includes parliamentary material from the Irish House of Lords and a collection of political pamphlets and essays commenting on political, social, economic and religious issues of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ortelius map of Ireland

Dublin Castle Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The Dublin Castle collection (6,800 items) contains a variety of formats including historical monographs, maps, periodicals, cartoons, prints and pamphlets. The collection is particularly distinct in its holdings of visual and periodical material. Given the wide range of publication dates, major themes and topics of Irish history are represented. These include materials relating to: The 1641 rebel ...

Éamon de Buitléar working on a wildlife documentary

De Buitléar

National University of Ireland Galway

This book collection was received as part of a substantial archival donation by the late Éamon de Buitléar. It comprises of c.600 volumes, many of which relate to his career researching, filming and broadcasting on wildlife in Ireland. The collections also contains some early 20th Irish language titles originally the property of Éamon’s father. The Éamon de Buitléar Archive is an exceptional and u ...

Ewart Map A 1680

Hibernica Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Hibernica Collection, or Henry Collection as it was previously known, is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and/or origin, being strongest in history and literature, and also including works of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. Officially established in 1929 with a deposit of 1000 volumes from the personal library of R.M. Henry (Profess ...

Met Éireann Library

Met Éireann, Research Division

When the Irish Meteorological Service was founded in 1936 it inherited a small collection of technical books and weather records from the British Met Office. This, together with a collection of early meteorological books that had been bequeathed to Valentia Observatory by R.H. Scott in 1916, formed the origins of the Met Éireann Library. Today, the primary aim of the Met Éireann Library is to prov ...

King's Inns

National University of Ireland Galway

The King's Inns collection of c55 items is comprised of works on various subjects including astrology, history, religion, science, travel. Notable contents include Augstine, Confessiones, c. 1470, Benyowsky's Memoirs and Travels, 1790.

Lough Hyne Collection

Royal Irish Academy

The Lough Hyne/Ine Collection is made up of documents arising from the scientific expeditions carried out at Lough Ine marine lake, Cork from the 1940s until the 1980s. These expeditions were carried out by teams of British scientists and students led by Professor Jack Kitching and Professor John Ebling. The collection consists of the following - lengthy correspondence between Ebling and Kitching; ...

Rare book collection

Chester Beatty Library

Formerly the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875-1968)