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J.N. Hart Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The bulk of material in the J.N. Hart Collection dates from after Forrest Reid’s death in 1947 and relates to the Forrest Reid Memorial exhibition in 1953 and Russell Burlingham’s Forrest Reid: a portrait and study (London: Faber and Faber, 1953).The collection contains correspondence, photographs, monographs and some news cuttings.

Gibson-Massie Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Andrew Gibson was a Scottish businessman and a highly regarded scholar and bibliophile. He had originally come to Belfast to act as agent for the ship owner G. & J. Burns Ltd. Gibson is chiefly remembered today as a bibliophile and an expert on poetry. He had an expansive library containing collections by Allan Ramsay, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore and others. The Gibson-Massie Collection at QUB Spec ...

Branagh Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

This collection consists of material relating to the professional life and work of Sir Kenneth Branagh. It is largely made up of paper documents (many are photocopies), but also holds recordings and merchandise related to individual productions. Original items (i.e. not photocopies) are marked as such in the listing.

Rosenfield Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Photo from the Murphy Ballinamona Collection

Murphy family, Ballinamona collection

Tipperary Studies

This is a collection of family and estate papers from the Murphys of Ballinamona. The official Return of Owners of Land published in 1876 lists William Murphy of Ballinamona as having an estate of 856.75 acres. The family continued at Ballinamona until the death of Kathleen Murphy in 1975, the last of the family. What made the Murphy family different from their ‘Big House’ neighbours and which giv ...

Michael J. Dunn, Jr. and Michael J. Dunn, dated August 1911.

Dunn Family Collection

Ward Irish Music Archives

The Dunn Family Collection, c. 1904 - c. 1935 Donated to WIMA by David K. Dunn, this collection contains the manuscripts, books, sheet music, recordings, artifacts and ephemera collected by Michael J. Dunn. Musician and instrument maker/repairer Michael J. Dunn (1855 - 1935), also a captain of the Milwaukee Fire Department, was a contemporary and associate of the famed Irish music collector, Franc ...

'A tipping point’: women writers pledge to boycott gender biased books after very male anthology

Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon

Media Article/ Feature : Published / Digitised / Open Access Published: The Guardian Newspaper 12/01/2018 URL : Keywords : Pledge, Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets (2017), Gerald Dawe, Fired!, Guardian Newspaper, Parity, Gender Equality, Poetry, Irish Women ...

"A Transitory House" by Freda Laughton (1945)

Freda Laughton (1907-1995)

Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon

Freda Laughton (1907-1995) was born in Bristol and moved to Co. Down after her marriage. She published one collection of poetry, A Transitory House (Jonathan Cape, 1945) but little else is known about her life and work. She may have lived in Dublin for some time, as her poem The Welcome details the textures of Dublin City and its suburbs, and suggests she knows the city by heart. A sample of Freda ...

Internet Archive image of the frontispiece of Plunkett Dillon's "Magnificat"

Irish Women Poets [Pamphlets]

Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon

Geraldine Plunkett Dillon ' "Magnificat" Published The Candle Press, Dublin, 1917 The Internet Archive [PDF/ DAISY, EPUB, KINDLE] formats Open Access URL : Keywords Pamphlets, Irish Women Poets, Irish Writing, The Internet Archive, Geraldine Plunkett Dillon, The Candle Press, Dublin, 1917

1854 Poor Law Rate book for Mullartown (Annalong).

The Hugh Irvine Collection

Newry and Mourne Museum

The Hugh Irvine Collection Born in Belfast in 1930, Hugh Irvine came to Kilkeel in 1953 when he was appointed as a history teacher in the newly opened Kilkeel High School. Hugh developed a keen interest in the history, archaeology, architecture, genealogy and folklore of the area around Kilkeel and the Mourne Mountains. He recorded the results of his research on a series of index cards and built u ...