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The Armagh Observatory, founded in 1790 by Archbishop Richard Robinson, is the oldest continuously functioning astronomical research institute in Great Britain and Ireland. It stands close to the centre of the historic City of Armagh in attractive, landscaped grounds that include a scale model of the solar system and universe, known as the Armagh Astropark, and the Armagh Planetarium. The Observatory's main function is to undertake original research of a world-class academic standard which broadens and expands our understanding of astronomy. Current programmes, which have many practical applications, include investigations into the Sun and other stars, solar system astronomy, solar variability and the Earth's climate, and the Near-Earth-Object hazard to civilization. The Observatory also has a unique 200-year long meteorological record, the longest in the UK and Ireland from a single site. Full details of the Observatory's current research programmes are available from the web-site: Complementing this active research role, the Observatory is committed to a programme of public understanding of science. This includes visitors, primarily to the Armagh Astropark; presentations to groups; contacts with the press; and the development of a rich web-site to facilitate access to the latest research findings. The Observatory grounds and Astropark are open to the public. School, society, and general public tours of the Observatory may be arranged by appointment.

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