Armagh-Newry Railway Collection

The Railway Documents at Armagh Observatory provide some interesting documentary evidence to the history of the Newry and Armagh Railway. The documents range from the manuscript copy of "Minutes of evidence" House of Commons Session 1853, London and North Western (Tring and Oxford) Railway Bill, evidence by Proposer Robinson, Sir Francis Beaufort and Professor Johnson, 31 May 1853, a letter from Newry and Enniskillen Railway, 4 Nov 1856, concerning their plans to build a line near Armagh to the draft petition by the Governors and Guardians of Armagh Observatory to Parliament against the Railway Bill, 1857. Included in the collection is the draft Act of Parliament regarding the Newry and Enniskillen Railway, 21 July 1845. The papers and documents relating to the construction of the Newry and Armagh Railway include a copy of the letter from the Governors and Guardians of the Observatory in 1874, giving Newry and Armagh Railway permission to encroach within 760 yards of the Observatory provided speed does not exceed 5 mph, with 3 coloured maps showing the relative position of the Observatory and the proposed station and lines.


Background information to the planning and construction of the Newry and Armagh Railway.

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Documents: c.100 pages. Maps: 4.

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