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Armagh Robinson Library (formerly Armagh Public Library) was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Richard Robinson. The core part of the collection is the Archbishop's personal library. This was later added to in the 1830s by Archbishop Beresford. Other provenances associated with the collection held at ARL include Edward Conway, 2nd Viscount Killultagh (d. 1655, 60 v), J. E. Jackson, Dean of Armagh (d1841, 300 v), H. B. Swanzy, Dean of Dromore (d. 1932, 460 v), R. G. S. King, Dean of Derry (d. 1958). In the 1990s there was a campaign to clean and re-catalogue the entire library stock. The collection is now listed and available online. There is a continuous programme of improvement, conservation and preservation in place.

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