Heritage Gardens Inventory

The Heritage Gardens Inventory is maintained and administered by the Built Heritage branch of the Department of the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland. It comprises a comprehensive series of records on over 700 designed parks, gardens and demesnes to be found throughout the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Arranged alphabetically by county, each site is referenced by a unique identifier and a separate file maintained for each. These files contain a range of pertinent information relevant to each individual site including detailed descriptions, copied articles, extracts, illustrations maps, plans, photographs and other original source materials.

The majority of the material was initially collected as part of a dedicated survey by the Historic Gardens Consultant, Belinda Jupp, on behalf of the Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Committee. The resultant collection was deposited with the Department in c. 1993 and now forms an integral part of the Monuments and Buildings Record for Northern Ireland held there.


The strength of the Heritage Gardens Inventory lies in the completeness of its coverage and subject matter. It comprises a unique and comprehensive working record of the various historic parks, gardens and demesnes to be found throughout the north of Ireland.

Physical characteristics

The Heritage Gardens Inventory contains approx. 700 files comprising a range of original and copied papers and photographs.

Description or Catalogue

The collection is arranged and indexed according to a unique identifying reference system. Files are physically arranged in accordance to this series with descriptions and maps of 300 protected sites recorded electronically an on-line Register which is available on on-site access. See also Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Inventory compiled by Belinda Jupp (Belfast, 1992, 1993).

Details have also been incorporated into the United Kingdom Database of Historic Parks and Gardens (UKPG).


Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

The Heritage Gardens Inventory is an evolving resource developing as a result of on-going work by the department.

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