Maps in Action

“Maps in Action” is an electronic resource that has been developed for the Built Heritage branch of the Department of the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland as part of the Monuments and Buildings Record. It is an interactive database based on Ordnance Survey maps (both current and previous editions) which provides direct access to a range of data and maps concerning designated archaeological sites, historic monuments and registered parks located throughout the 6 counties of Northern Ireland. Each site is hot linked from a general map of Northern Ireland to ever more detailed and localized maps and plans. Each site is also linked to data on the main Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record Database providing a comprehensive and useful tool for this area of research.


Maps in Action is a valuable, automated research tool for researchers interested in the archaeological and architectural history and development of Northern Ireland.

Physical characteristics

Maps in Action is an automated resource/database application.

Description or Catalogue

Maps in Action is available for on-site consultation at the MBR offices.


Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

The database continues to be updated as and when required.

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