MBR Collection of Architectural Drawings

The architectural drawings collection of the Monuments and Buildings Record (MBR) is maintained and administered by the Built Heritage branch of the department of the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland. It contains over 40,000 original architectural drawings in draft, final and blue print formats, electrical and plumbing plans, elevations etc relating to properties located throughout the north of Ireland and some in the Republic of Ireland. Most notable are those by important local architects such as John McGeagh (1901-1985) who was responsible for the Sir William Whitla Hall (c. 1949) and the main Library Tower (1967) at Queen's University Belfast, G. Philip Bell (1908-1982) and Robert McKinstry, who is particularly renowned for his work on the Grand Opera House (1977-80), St. Anne's Cathedral (c. 1986) and the Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast. The collection also includes an important series of Works Service (Finn) files, which record the architecture of many of Northern Ireland's public buildings from the 1920s onwards and the Clokey Collection of Stained Glass Window Designs.


The MBR collection of Architectural Drawings is a unique assemblage of original drawings unavailable elsewhere.

Physical characteristics

Approx. 40,000 drawings

Description or Catalogue

A comprehensive descriptive catalague is available for consultation in hard copy at the MBR offices.

Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

An evolving resource developing through a combination of loans, purchase, gifts and on-going work of the department.

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