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The European Commission Representation in Northern Ireland acts on behalf of the European Commission in Brussels by representing its interests. The Representation is also the first point of contact for people in Northern Ireland who wish to know more about the European Union. Since 1996, the Representation has operated a specialised information unit open to the public. The EC Info-Point has a comprehensive range of EU and other publications, which are available to the public free of charge. There is also an excellent Reference Library with more in-depth information on all EU policies and programmes. The collection held in the Reference Library includes European Commission publications from the Office for Official Publications in Luxemburg including the Official Journal (hardcopy backdated 2/3 years - microfiche copy backdated to 1973). All other reference material is held for a period of 5 years (includes material from some European Associated organisations). The Info-Point, along with the European Information Network in Northern Ireland, has made EU information more accessible to the general public in Northern Ireland and marks a major development in public contact with the European Commission.


Useful for research into specific European policy areas and European legislation.

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