Dúchas Oral History Sound Archive

The archive is an oral history collection about the experience of the Northern Ireland conflict in nationalist West Belfast. The archive contains 60 interviews to date (May 2002) and the collection is ongoing. The interviews cover a wide range of experience from many different perspectives: campaigners, combatants and activists. Each comment on their own experiences of the conflict providing interesting contextual background information about themselves and local events. Interviews can be read or listened to through an interactive computer database which can be searched by defined criteria or by keyword. Interviews can also be accessed through tape cassette or CD recordings.


This collection is of significant value to students interested in the social and economic history of Northern Ireland, and in particular, for that of the West Belfast area. It documents an in-depth experience of the Northern Ireland conflict not previously recorded and is relevant to current political developments.

Physical characteristics

The collection consists of approx. 60 interviews with an average length of 67 minutes. Each recording has been made on mini-disk with back-ups on tape cassette and CD. Complete transcripts for each interview are available. Digital copies of recordings and transcripts are available on an interactive database system powered by MS Access.

Description or Catalogue

Details of recordings held in the Dúchas Sound Archive are recorded onto an in-house automated database (MS Access).


Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
Accrual Periodicity

The Falls Community Council's Dúchas collection is actively being accrued and is currently held on permanent deposit at the Council's offices.

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