Why Uncomplicated Recovery Isn't Enough: Rhoda Coghill, Her Letters, and the Fired! Movement.

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Rhoda Coghill (Honest Ulsterman)

Rhoda Coghill (Honest Ulsterman)

Features Honest Ulsterman (June 2020).

The feature includes a reproduction of the Coghill poem 'Hail Posterity', a discussion on the setting up of Fired! and allusions to the health of women poets who suffered possibly somatisation-related disorders. The poets who included Coghill were aware that their work was not valued, nor would it make it into the wider conversations about Irish poetry.

The bulk of this feature article refers to Coghill's letters and D'Arcy's research process,

The letters date mainly from the years around 1948, when The Bright Hillside was published. Themes emerge. Coghill seemed to work extremely hard to connect with other writers, and to have been successful; there are countless letters thanking her for sending her collection and describing favourite poems which the letter-writers already know well.  (D'Arcy)

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