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A general collection of books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, scores, and digital music files available through the Kildare County Library branch network. A recording studio at Leixlip is at the disposal of local musicians to record or document their work.

Music CDs
Kildare County Libraries holds approximately 9089 music CDs which are housed throughout the branch network of 15 branch libraries and mobile library service. The majority of this collection is our adult and young adult collections (8492) and the remainder (597) is in the children’s collection. The entire Naxos Classical Library on CD is housed in Leixlip Library and available for inter-library lending.

Digital Collection
Our new digital library includes 370 music titles, which can be downloaded to our patrons’ home computers, or directly to their MP3 players at download stations in our 6 main libraries. The URL for Kildare’s digital collection is These titles include classical, choral, blues, jazz and concertos.

The following music periodicals are available for lending throughout the Kildare County Library branch network: Empire, Hot Press, Mojo, Rock Sound, Q.

A wide selection of books covering different areas of interest in relation to music is available: Biographies of popular artists; Songbooks and teaching aids for musical instruments; Cultural perspectives on musical eras; Technical guides; Career information on music business.

Recently added DVD collection with some music titles that we will continue to develop.

Collection of approximately 200 musical and vocal scores that are held in Maynooth Community Library. These are traditional Irish, opera and musicals.

Research Collection
Local Studies: collection of approximately 50 titles, classed secondary material, of general Irish interest in relation to music.

Events – Recording Studio
Recording Suite @ Leixlip Library: Kildare County Arts and Library service have a full recording suite in Leixlip Library. This recording facility is at the disposal of local musicians to record or document their work. For further information on the facility contact Eoghan Doyle,


Music CDs, DVDs, digital streaming, books, scores, recording facility.

Physical characteristics

9089 music CDs. 370 digital music titles on download. Approx 200 musical scores.

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Accrual Policy
Accrual Method
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Annual budget spent in response to community consultation with patrons, schools and community groups throughout the county. Collection development policy in preparation, but our emphasis is on currency in our collection. As a public library our selections tend to be of general interest.

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