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This is one of the most comprehensive collections freely available to the general public in Northern Ireland. Comprising both parliamentary and non-parliamentary official publications, it contains parliamentary official records, working papers, statutory publications, agency and departmental publications. A selective subscription for HMSO publications was established in 1972. However, the British Official Publications collection has considerable holdings of earlier material. The debates of both House of Commons and House of Lords date from 1959, as do the journals. Public General Acts date from 1798 and Statutory Instruments from 1953. The library holds a partial file of Command Papers from 1870-1971 and a complete set of these from 1972. The Chadwyck-Healy microfiche reprint of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers is held from 1901-1920, while the HMSO Controller’s Library on microfilm provides coverage from 1922-1960. Reprint material gives some coverage of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Non-parliamentary publications are produced by government departments for use outside the parliamentary context. These encompass a wide range of publications, from those of the Audit Commission to Treasury reports, and from the Health and Safety Executive guidelines to surveys by the Office of National statistics.The collection is supported by a range of bibliographical texts, breviates, yearbooks, indexes in both hard copy and in CD-Rom format and Chadwyck-Healy’s Index to Parliamentary Papers.


This is a very comprehensive collection which is freely available to the general public in Northern Ireland. There are extensive collections of Irish official publications pre-1922; Northern Ireland parliamentary and official publications 1922-; the HMSO controller's Library 1922-60 is also held on microfilm.

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