Brown Street National School Archive

Brown Street Sunday School was one of two endowed schools in Belfast in the nineteenth century. It opened in 1814 and had its origins in the Sunday School movement in Ireland. According to Norman McNeilly in Exactly fifty years: the Belfast Education Authority and its work 1923-73. In 1821 Brown Street opened as a Daily School and even as late as 1917 had more than 60% of the pupils designated as "half-Timers". The land on which the school was built belonged to John Brown, Sovereign of Belfast in 1799. It was located in the Shankill area in what was then the outskirts of town. Funding for the school was largely drawn from private subscription although the Dublin based educational organisation, the Kildare Place Society, did provide support for the school for a number of years. The archive provides a unique record of Brown Street School with Minute Books dating from 1826-1927. These contain annual reports, Treasurer’s Accounts, newspaper cuttings describing annual General Meetings, and legal documents relating to the transfer of the school to the Belfast Education Authority in 1923.


The archive provides a full administrative history of the school..

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The collection includes three bound volumes and one archival box.

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Described in the Special Collections List at Belfast Central Library


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