F.J. Bigger Music Collection

The F.J Bigger Music Collection forms part of the F.J. Bigger Collection held at Belfast Central Library. The collection reflects the interests of F.J. Bigger who had a keen interest in Irish history and culture. He was editor of "The Ulster Journal of Archaeology". The Music Collection has material relating to the Belfast Harp Festival (1903) and a number of other music festivals. It consists of sheet music, ballads and material relating to Irish music in general. The Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society (1904-1924) is complemented by a number of titles by P.W. Joyce, such as "Irish Peasant Songs in the English Language" or "Old Irish Folk Music and Songs", Thomas Moore's "Complete Irish Melodies" and J.A. Vinycomb's "A method of musical notation" to name but a few of the names represented in the collection.


There is a large collection of ballads, with background information.Articles, letters, photographs on the harp, supplemented by E. Bunting's work on the ancient music of Ireland and and on the Egyptian, British and Irish harp.

Physical characteristics

Approximately 100 volumes, with scrapbooks and letters.

Description or Catalogue

Published catalogue for the books (Catalogue of the Francis Joseph Bigger Collection (Memorial Gift) in the Belfast Public Library. Belfast, 1930) and a manual catalogue for archives.


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