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Leslie A. Montgomery was born in Downpatrick, County Down. He became a clerk in the Northern Bank in Belfast and was later transferred to Skerries County Dublin as a Bank Manager. He was part of the Ulster Literary Theatre movement. He wrote more than twenty books, many of them set in a fictious northern village called Ballygullion. They are of a humorous nature and are said to reflect, with reasonable accuracy, life in East Ulster at that time. The first book in the Ballygullion series was published in 1908 and the last in 1957. He also wrote "Love and Land", 1913; "The Summons", 1918; "The Lilac Ribbon", 1919; "The Turncoats", 1922 amongst others. Montgomery was one of the first writers appointed to the "Censorship of Publications Board" in 1937. However he resigned soon afterwards saying it was "so easy to read only the passages, so hard to wade through the whole book afterwards". He wrote an autobiography entitled: "An Ulster Childhood" in 1954. In later life he was in demand as a lecturer.

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The Lynn Doyle Collection consists of 30 archival boxes. It covers such topics as finance, broadcasts & lectures, manuscripts, essays, short stories, poetry, personal correspondence, photographs, land leases, wills and legal documents.

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Itemised hand list in each box.


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