Newspaper Collection

Newspapers represent one of the major primary sources for local research. They often provide the most detailed account of local events, and the most effective reflection of local responses to those events. The library has one of the major collections in Ireland of Irish newspapers including over 100 titles and 3,500 bound volumes. Belfast Central Library has a further 200 titles on microfilm and approximately 60 current newspapers are taken. The collection includes long runs of all the main Belfast and Irish daily newspapers, and is particularly strong in the field of Ulster provincial newspapers. Many rarer or more ephemeral titles are also held, and the majority of the titles held on microfilm fall into this category. Rarer titles are not only held but can often be studied in conjunction with other relevant material. Titles like the Northern Star (1792-1797) and the Londonderry Journal (1796-1801) cover significant events in Ireland like the 1798 Rebellion and the Act of Union (1801).


Major source for local research.

Physical characteristics

Over 300 titles.

Description or Catalogue

There is a published list with indexes to give county and date access.


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